Fantasy Cycling: Vuelta a Espa?a 2020

Fantasy Cycling: Vuelta a Espa?a 2020

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About Fantasy Cycling

This year I will be once again running fantasy games for all three Grand Tours. Although each game will be independent, I may try to work out a system to find an overall winner from those who entered all three races, if time permits.

Known problems:

  1. When you add your team to a mini-league, it does not show up in that league until the league rankings have been updated, which usually only occurs after each stage. Therefore, in the time between races, even though you signed up for a mini-league you will not appear until the next tour starts.
  2. Not all the new team jersey icons will have been added early on in the year.
  3. Neo-pros may not have been added to the database riders table. Each year I will change the riders teams and add new riders who look likely to ride in the Grand Tours, but occaisionally, I won't add some until they are listed by their teams as possible tour riders. If you email me with details of any rider I have missed that you wish to select, I will add him.

This fantasy game was designed and written by NR Toonesend me an email.
© August 2005
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