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Reservoir Challenge Audax rides

After quite a few years lacking motivation I finally got around to becoming an audax ride organiser. My first set of three are a reset of of Richard Daniel’s Reservoir rides last run in 2015. The 200km Triple Reservoir Challenge, a Double Reservoir Challenge slightly lengthened to make an imperial century at 165km and a […]

They think I’m mad! The story of a 12h Time Trial

To set the scene for this year’s attempt on the Kettering CC club 12 hour record we should go back to last year’s effort. Last season I was aiming to achieve a BBAR certificate for averaging at least 22mph over 50 miles, 100 miles and 12 hours. My plan was to hit 24mph for the […]

FarSports carbon wheels

Unless wheels have come with a bike, I like to build my own wheels. It’s fun to do, and you get exactly the wheels you want. When it came to sourcing some new TT race wheels however, I decided that I needed some carbon deep section rims. As I had never built up carbon rims […]

My 2016 TT season

I told Helen when I got back on my bike 5 years ago that I wouldn’t be racing and I’d stick to my first love of touring. So how did it happen that I rode more races this year than any other apart from when I was a teenager? It started slowly with a local […]

Training with Heart Rate

I bought my first HRM in around 1988’ish, a Polar Sport Tester. These were quite expensive at that time, so it was an advantage that I could buy it for the club I was coaching riders in. We used it mainly to collect data in races and then use that info to set target HRs […]