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Archives for August 2013

Sych it and Sea

sych_it_and_sea_routeI entered the Sych it and Sea (Gwynedd Traverse) 200km Audax one night after a few glasses of wine. My sister in law was visiting and she lives on the route, so as I was idley looking on the website for possible events to enter I mentioned it to her. Great idea she said, “we can laugh at you as you go past..” actually she probably didn’t say that but I entered all the same. Then I thought – hills! I used to like hills, but that was when I was younger and lighter, I still think I am 2 stone heavier than I need to be to enjoy the hills again.

Last time I rode North Wales, I was YH touring and used 44×28 bottom gear but I am sure I didn’t need that going up Llanberis pass. For this event I have just fitted a 24 tooth sprocket to give a bottom gear of 42×24, my research suggests that this should be enough although I may have to walk the 1:6 on the¬†Maentwrog to Rhyd section.


Elevation data from gpx files

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