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Archives for August 2016

Oundle Winter Hill Climb Challenge

This is a handicap based challenge using 12 uphill Strava segments within approximately 10 miles of Oundle. The competition segments will be revealed on 1 September.

The challenge starts on 1 September and ends on 28 February 2017.

Each competitor’s best time on each hill prior to 1 September is taken as their base time, the aim is to improve your time on each uphill segment during the next six months.

The overall winner will be the rider who has improved their times by the greatest aggregate amount. This can be done by either improving fitness or reducing fatness!

The segments have been chosen such that they are:

  • All uphill to minimise the effect of group riding and wind direction.
  • Close to Oundle so that all competitors are likely to already done them often enough to have achieved reasonable times commensurate with their current level of ability and fitness.
  • Avoid main roads and dangerous junctions.


  1. The best 8 improvements from the 12 possible hills are counted.
  2. Each month bonus points are awarded for the top three single segment improvements.
  3. Group riding is allowed but no pushes or any other outside assistance.
  4. Rides must be uploaded to Strava by the end of each month to be considered for the monthly bonus points.
  5. Riders must join the “Oundle Hill Climb Challenge” group before 1 September 2016. (I may be prepared to add one or two latecomers after this date but because of the extra work that would entail I am not promising…)


  1. The total number of seconds improvement over your base time for the best 8 segments are counted
  2. Each month three bonuses are awarded for the best improvements, valued at 20s, 10s and 5s. (Only one bonus per person per month.)
  3. The winner is the rider with the greatest overall improvement over 8 segments plus any bonuses.