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Follow the Yellowbrick Road!

OS_map_oundle_mid2_cropSomeone on the yacf forum planted a seed in my head by asking if anyone had ridden all the yellow roads on their local OS map.

As luck would have it I have a 1:50000 OS map centred on Oundle. (You can order OS maps with the location of your choice in the middle.)

Riding every yellow road within 20-30 km of Oundle can’t be too difficult, can it? I will set myself the target to do this within the year, so most I will probably cover in the course of normal riding but this challenge will make me ride roads I perhaps don’t normally ride, particularly on the fringes of my map. Covering all the yellow roads in the three major towns of Corby, Peterborough and Kettering will need some thought though.

I have now scanned my OS map and printed it out (12 sides of A4), so to track my progress I will simply draw on the yellow roads with red pen as I ride them.

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